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   After finishing her sharp sigh, Madam Secretary Tabitha opened the case file in front of her, and presented its contents to the three Huntress Agents. Inside the file was a number of photographs taken from overhead C.O.I.L. satellites. Each photograph zoomed in closer to their target. First, a wide view of South America, then a view of Brazil, then a view of the Amazon Rainforest, then a view of what seemed to be a fortress hidden in the Rainforest, and lastly, a view of a mysterious woman standing outside the fortress.

   “I take it you’re aware of the woman known only as Alicé?” Tabitha asked the Huntresses.

   “Yes,” Takara replied, before Trishna and Tanisha had a chance to say anything. “She’s also known in some circles as “The Gift Giver”, due to her ability to supply countries with whatever they need, be it weapons, or government secrets.”

   “Correct,” Tabitha said. “We’ve been following a number of sources that led back to her, and we finally located one of her hideaways.”

   Tabitha then flicked a switch on her desk, and a viewing screen lowered itself down from the ceiling. All three of the Huntresses turned to look at it, as Tabitha flicked other switches to dim the room’s lights and broadcast video footage on the screen. Said footage began with a subjective point of view of a woman looking at herself in a full-length mirror. It was none other than Taryn, the Huntress Agent who went missing. Much like Tabitha, her skin was as pale as cream. Her eyes were a piercing shade of blue. Her hair was a shade of platinum blonde that was practically white. And like all Huntress Agents, she wore the cropped latex uniform. Her’s was dark red in color, almost matching the color of Tabitha’s hair. Taryn had to be the least physically fit of all the Huntresses. It wasn’t that she was fat, or unfit, it was just that her stomach completely lacked any definition. Her midriff was perfectly smooth, flat, and slender. And at the center of her stomach was a small outie bellybutton, about the size of a marble, and encircled by a rim of flesh, as if it were a ball that became trapped inside of a socket. Wrapped around Taryn’s forehead was a headband, with a micro-camera attached to it, like a miner's lantern. Once Taryn was done adjusting the headband, she began addressing the camera by talking to the mirror.

   “This is Huntress Agent Taryn, transmitting from a C.O.I.L. outpost here in Brazil. In the event of my demise, this video is meant to recover any information needed to confirm the circumstances of my death or disappearance, and how my mission might be completed in my absence. C.O.I.L. has acquired the possible whereabouts of the infamous black market dealer, Alicé, here in the Amazon Rainforest. I’ve been sent on a recon mission to confirm the location of Alicé’s whereabouts, and if necessary, capture or terminate her.”

   The video then skipped to footage of lash foliage, as Taryn made her way through the jungle, carving a path for herself with a machete. Every now and then, Taryn would look down at her body. The humidity must have been getting to her, as her arms, legs, and stomach were all covered with beads of sweat that made her fair skin glisten in the sunlight. Taryn hacked at one last section of vines, as she finally came to an open area, devoid of trees and other vegetation. And situated in the middle of this deforested area was Alicé’s hidden fortress. Taryn’s hushed voice could be heard speaking.

   “I’ve reached Alicé’s stronghold. There seems to be no guards at their posts, and I don’t see any other security measures. This is too good to be true. Alicé might have used a decoy, and the photographs of her being here could have been a red herring. I’ll need to go in for a closer inspection to confirm Alicé’s presence, but I must do it discreetly.”

   “Why sneak around, when I can simply invite you inside?”, a woman’s voice with a thick Brazilian accent said, from outside of the camera’s line of vision. The sound of a handgun being cocked soon followed. “Don’t turn around,” the voice commended. “Now, drop all your weapons.”

   Within the camera’s line of vision, Taryn removed all of her guns, knives, and various other weapons from the hidden compartments of her uniform, and dropped them onto the jungle floor, all while not turning around to face her captor.

   “Should I strip myself naked for you next?” Taryn asked. There was an obvious trembling tone to her voice. Humor was always a crutch that the Huntresses would fall back on whenever their missions went sour.

   “Tempting, but no,” the Brazilian voice replied. “Behave yourself, and walk towards the direction of the fortress. I’ll tell you when you can stop.”

   Taryn did as she was told, walking towards the fortress. Trishna, Takara, and Tanisha all leaned forward in their seats as they watched the footage unfold. Taryn was mere feet away from the entranceway of the fortress, before the voice spoke again.

   “That’s far enough,” the voice said. “You have my permission to turn around.”

   Again, Taryn did as she was told, and turned to face the origin of the voice. Standing behind her was none other than Alicé herself. She was haunting beautiful. Dark bronze skin, jet black hair that was fashioned into crinkled curls, and pale green eyes. She wore attire not unlike the Huntress uniforms, with the cropped section at the midriff, and silver as her color of choice. Much like Tanisha, her stomach was highlighted with an eight-pack of abdominal muscles. And like Taryn, Alicé’s bellybutton was encircled by a rim of flesh, but she lacked the outie knot in the center, and instead had an innie. It almost made her bellybutton look like the hole of a doughnut.

   “Hello, Alicé,” Taryn said in a condescending tone.

   “I didn’t say you had permission to speak,” Alicé replied. She lowered the barrel of her gun, and used it to trace over Taryn's ribs and hips. Taryn sucked in her stomach, as the cold steel of the barrel caressed her prone skin. “Do not be afraid. If I was going to hurt you, you would be overwhelmed with pain at this very moment.” Alicé pushed the gun’s barrel against Taryn’s outie, before directly addressing the camera on Taryn’s forehead.

   “I take it the feed from that camera leads right back to Tabitha?” Alicé asked with a sinister grin on her face. “Hi, Tabby. Do you miss me?”.

   Tabitha frowned at this part of the video. It didn’t go unnoticed by Trishna, before looking back at the screen.

   “Sending only one of your college girls after me? What an amatuer move,” Alicé taunted at the camera. “But now that you know where I am, why don’t you send the rest of them to keep me company? I get so lonely, here in the wilderness by myself. No worries, I won’t run away. And neither will this cute blondie.”

   With that, Alicé fired the gun right into Taryn’s bellybutton. All of the Huntresses nearly jumped out of their seats, but Tabitha remained calm which watching the footage. Taryn looked down at her bellybutton, but instead of a bullet wound, there was a dart in the shape of a miniature syringe embedded in the fleshy knot of her bellybutton. A yellow liquid drained itself from the syringe and into the knot, before Taryn could yank the dart out.

   “No need to be frightened, it’s non-lethal,” Alicé cooed, with the sinister grin still on her face. She reached out with her hand and brushed it against Taryn’s cheek. “Sleep well, little one. I’m going to have so much fun with you, and your partners, once they get here.”

   The camera footage began to become wobbly, as if Taryn’s legs were giving out from under her. Taryn fell to her knees, and then fell face down onto the barren floor of the jungle. The final image of the video was of Alicé’s hand reaching for the camera, and yanking it off of the headband.

   With a few flips of some switches, the room’s lights brightened, and the viewing screen ascended back into the ceiling. The room was quiet for a moment, as the Huntresses soaked in what they had witnessed. It wasn’t that they were shaken by what they saw, just in disbelief that Taryn had been captured, and sickened by the actions of the wicked Alicé. She was outright mocking them, daring them to confront her.

   “I blame myself for Taryn’s misfortune,” Tabitha said, breaking the silence. “I should have sent all of you along with her.”

   “Just say the word, and I’ll go into that fortress, and bring Alicé to you. I’ll even gift wrap her with a glittering bow,” Tanisha said.

   “Count me in,” Trishna added.

   “Good things happen in threes,” Takara chimed in, more or less volunteering as well.

   Tabitha’s lips curled a bit, but she couldn’t bring herself to fully smile. “We can only assume this is a trap, so I cannot express how much caution you need to use while on this mission, understood?” Tabitha instructed. All three Huntresses nodded in agreement. “Good. You will be deployed just outside of the fortress, effective immediately.”

   Trishna, Tanisha, and Takara all stood up from their chairs, as Tabitha spoke one last time.

   “And please, make sure my daughter...” Tabitha caught herself and rephased, “I mean, make sure Agent Taryn is unharmed, and safely returned.”

To be continued...

The second chapter of my on-going fetish series. This part really gets into the spy aspect of the story.

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nvlJinx Featured By Owner Edited Feb 17, 2017
Quite the overture, very promising story so far and a joy to read.

Btw, is there some reason that I missed why all the agents' names start with 'T'?
MikeBrooklyn Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2017
It's a type of homage to another bellybutton fetish comic series, where every character's name started with "Y". If it's too confusing, the agents also have nicknames that I'll use more often.
nvlJinx Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2017
It's alright, I was just curious. Now I'm curious about what comic series you're referring to.

Looking forward to the next chapter.
MikeBrooklyn Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2017
I was referring to the Yenny Lopez series, at least the MTJ Publishing version.
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